When using Shiptheory Shipping Rules, you are able to automatically book orders in via their TradeGecko Shipping Method. A Shipping Method comes directly from your TradeGecko and one can be assigned to every order, more about what a Shipping Method is can be found here.

How to add a Shipping Method to a Sales Order in TradeGecko

When creating/viewing a Sales order in your TradeGecko, you are able to add a Shipping Cost to it. When this comes into Shiptheory, this is the Shipping Method we see on the order. So for the example below, the Shipping Method selected would be 'Pickup'.

If you do not currently have any Shipping Costs setup in your TradeGecko, please see below on how you can create some and how they work.

How to create a Shipping Method in TradeGecko

In TradeGecko, if you got to Settings -> Shipping, you are able to create a Shipping Zone which then creates the Shipping Method. 

The Shipping Zone helps you narrow down which Shipping Methods could be assigned to a particular order based on where it's going and the details of the order. In the example, I have created a universal zone for all orders, no matter their price.

The name of this Shipping Method is 'Pickup'. So this method will be an option for all orders, no matter the country/price/weight. 

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