When using Shiptheory's Shipping Rules, you are able to setup a rule based on a shipment's Shipping Method. This is part of the information that we receive with every shipment that comes into Shiptheory from your sales channel.

What Is a Shipping Method?

A Shipping Method can be received from your Sales Channel each time an order comes into Shiptheory. This can be the Shipping the buyer has selected at checkout, or it can be assigned to the order by a member of your staff.

A Shipping Method has many names within different sales channels, they are used to help you easily identify which Carrier and Service a particular order would normally go with.

An example of a Shipping Method would be Shipping - DPD Next Day or Standard Delivery (3-5 days).

Using Shipping Rules you can create a rule that matches a particular Shipping Method to a Carrier/Service, so each time an order comes into Shiptheory with that Shipping Method, it automatically books it in with the correct service.

Where can I see the Shipping Method for an order in Shiptheory?

You are able to view the Shipping Method that each order has in your Shiptheory account. You can do this by going to your Shiptheory Dashboard, selecting the order and clicking View from the dropdown menu.

On this popup window, you are able to view all the information about the order. One of the fields is titles Shipping Method. If a Shipping method has been sent into Shiptheory with this order, it will be displayed here.

Have any questions about this? One of our Support Team would be happy to give you hand!