Within the Whistl carrier settings you'll see what we refer to as the "advanced settings", if you've had a look through them and don't quite understand what they do, you should take a read through the list below which will explain each option and what it's used for.

Collection Times

The collection times are used to schedule collection times for all shipments sent through Whistl, it is recommended that you set these to the usual timeframe that your parcels are collected within, 'Collection Ready Time' being the start of that timeframe and 'Collection Close time' being the end of that timeframe.


If no currency is provided from your channel, this is what we'll send through to Whistl instead, I recommend setting this to the most common currency your business deals with.

Default Dimensions

When you book a shipment in with a service that requires dimensions. we'll use the dimensions you set below that correspond with the format you've booked that service in with (Packet, Small Parcel, Parcel)

If you plan on booking international I recommend you set these sizes to the average size your packages are as Whistl will use these sizes to determine if they're able to deliver the shipment.

Please make sure these you enter centimetre values in as this is what Whistl require. (1 metre = 100 centimetres)

Customs Charges Responsibility

This setting determines who, by default, pays for any potential import duties and taxes on international shipments. By default this is set so the customer pays.

Category of Items

This setting determines the category of the items in your shipments from Whistl's predefined categories. These are essentially the purpose of your shipment. By selecting 'None', we will leave this field blank when sending the data to Whistl. 

If you have any questions about the above settings feel free to get in contact with our support team who will be happy to help