When booking in an order from your TradeGecko with Shipthoery, you are able to partially ship the order. This means that one order in your TradeGecko can be split into multiple shipments, that will each come into Shiptheory when they are packed.

How to create a Partial Shipment in TradeGecko

To create a partial Shipment, where you would normally select 'Pack All' on the order in TradeGecko, you should select Manual.

You will then need to select the products in the order that you would like to be included in the partial order. Once you have selected them, click Create in the bottom right.

This will now create one shipment within your Shiptheory account that will only then contain the products that you selected.

Once you have fully completed and packed the entire order, all shipments for this order will appear in Shiptheory. The shipments in Shiptheory will share the same first reference number. This number is the order number in your TradeGecko. In the example below, the order number for both the shipments is SO0029.

The second number in the reference is the Shipment ID, this can be found in the URL when viewing the Shipment's page in your TradeGecko.

Need any help with this? Get in contact with our Support Team who'd be happy to give you a hand!