The message "This shipment has previously been completed" will appear on your shipments when all of the following conditions are true:

  1.  The original sales channel (eBay, Xero, etc) has sent Shiptheory a new notification that the shipment has been updated or you have clicked Retry on the shipment in Shiptheory


  2. The shipment is already marked Complete in Shiptheory (This usually means it's been booked with a carrier)


  3. Your Shipment Reprocessing settings in Shiptheory are set to not attempt reprocess previously complete shipments. You can change this setting by navigating to Shipment Reprocessing under the advanced section of the main menu.

When you see this message, Shiptheory has deliberately chosen not to re-download/update any shipment or data data from the sales channel and has not reran the shipment through the shipping rules engine.

Why is this a good idea?

Some sales channels, such as Xero, will send Shiptheory a notification every time an invoice (shipment) is updated. In the case of Xero, for example, there is no way within that notification for Shiptheory to know if it is the first update event or last, or what changed during that update event. If Shiptheory allowed such updates to trigger shipments to go back through the shipping rules engine, you may end up with duplicated shipping labels on one shipment.

What are the default settings?

Each sales channel can work in a slightly different way when it comes to alerting Shiptheory of new and updated shipments or orders. And as such, the default settings are configured to work with each sales channel way of working. The details of each are not covered in this support document, however you can view and edit these settings by navigating to Shipment Reprocessing under the advanced section of the main menu.