Magento 2 has the concept of Configurable and Bundled products. These two types of products can be considered "container" products that are not real products but contain one or more Simple products. By default, Shiptheory will ignore these parent container products and download the individual Simple products.

However, it is possible to change what product(s) Shiptheory will receive when sending in bundled products to Shiptheory. This can be done in an option in the Magento 2 advanced settings. To access this, navigate to your Magento 2 settings page and scroll down to click "advanced settings":

If you then scroll down further, you'll see the option for Bundles and Configurable Products:

You can then see there are three options; if a bundled product is received into Shiptheory, we can do one of three things:

  • Only download Parent SKUs
  • Only download Child SKUs
  • Download both Parent and Child SKUs

This change will then be reflected in the data in Shiptheory and therefore what is sent to the carrier.

If you have questions regarding this functionality, please reach out to support.