The process of how Shiptheory books courier delivery for your BigCommerce shipments varies slightly depending on how you have set your BigCommerce app to send your order data to Shiptheory.

In your BigCommerce app settings, you have the option of selecting whether Shiptheory receives your BigCommerce Orders or Shipments. You can read more about these settings here:

Shiptheory Receives BigCommerce Orders Only

When the status of your BigCommerce order matches the status selected in the Trigger Order Status in your BigCommerce app settings, Shiptheory will automatically create a BigCommerce shipment for all unshipped items in the order. 

The Shiptheory will then process and book the new BigCommerce shipment and the courier and tracking data will be posted back to the BigCommerce shipment.

Updates will be recorded on the BigCommerce Order and Shipment Admin notes:

Shiptheory Receives BigCommerce Shipments Only

In this instance, Shiptheory will ignore all order statuses and only book shipments once shipments have been created BigCommerce via the Ship Items option.

This option provides more control over booking your BigCommerce shipments, ensuring Shiptheory will only receive shipments when you are ready for them to be booked and enables part-shipping orders and splitting orders in to multiple shipments if needed.

To create a Shipment in BigCommerce

Select Orders > View Orders from the left-hand menu in your BigCommerce Admin panel:

Next to the order you wish to ship, click the quick-action dots and select Ship Items:

In the pop-up modal -

  1. Select the order items that you wish to ship (don't change anything to ship the whole order)
  2. Enter any shipment notes
  3. Leave these settings unchanged - these will be updated by Shiptheory when the shipment has been successfully booked
  4. Click Create Shipment