To access your BigCommerce app settings, either -

From inside your BigCommerce store Admin panel select App > Shiptheory:

or from Shiptheory, select your email address in the top-right of any page, and select BigCommerce from the list:

Bigcommerce Order Status

On which BigCommerce Order status would you like your orders to be sent to Shiptheory? This option will only show if the Orders & Shipments setting (below) is set to Orders Only.

Product Measurements

Please select which weight and length measurement units you have selected to use for your product data in BigCommerce. Setting these to a different unit could result in your product data being recorded incorrectly in Shiptheory.

You can find and set these settings in your BigCommerce Admin panel by selecting Store Setup > Store Settings from the left-hand menu: 

Save Order Discounts

Would you like Shiptheory to download your order and product prices with any discounts applied? If enabled, Shiptheory will save any discounts applied to your order and product prices. If disabled, all product prices will be downloaded at their base price.

Order Statuses

If set, Shiptheory will update the status of your orders if they match any of the following conditions -

  • Order Partially Shipped
    A shipment was successfully booked, but there remain un-allocated items in the parent order

  • Order Complete
    A shipment was successfully booked, and there are no remaining un-allocated items in the parent order

  • Order Failed
    There was a problem booking a label for a shipment in this order

Commodity Data

Enter the names of the custom fields in your BigCommerce store that contain the commodity (HS Tariff) data of your products.

You can read more about Commodity Data in Shiptheory here: Product Commodity Information

Shipping Methods

This field lists all of the shipping methods you have configured for each of your shipping zones in your BigCommerce store. You can select which of the shipping methods you would like to enable to use in your Shiptheory shipping rules.

Orders & Shipments

Shiptheory can be set to either download and book shipments for your BigCommerce orders based on the order status selected in the Bigcommerce Order Status setting (above) or individual BigCommerce shipments.

  • If this is set to Orders Only, Shiptheory will receive your order data, automatically create a shipment and book the shipment.

  • If this is set to Shipments Only, Shiptheory will only book shipments once you have created a BigCommerce shipment by selecting Ship Items for each order in BigCommerce.

You can read more about how Shiptheory Processes BigCommerce Orders and Shipments here

Shipments Prefix

A 1 or 2 letter prefix added to your BigCommerce shipment references in Shiptheory. This prefix is only added in Shiptheory and doesn't affect your orders in BigCommere or any of your shipments booked via Shiptheory.

This field is for reference only and cannot be changed.