As its not unusual for a business to sell to different countries and thus accept different currencies. Within Shiptheory you can actually select whether or not you want us to import the currency from the order itself by going into your Magento 2 settings and going into the advanced settings.

Once you click on the advanced settings it will now show you a few extra settings which you can use, by scrolling down you should see the option `Take Currencies from your Magento 2 Store` from here you can choose whether or not we take the currencies from your store and apply them to your orders or ignore any currencies you send through.

There are 3 options to choose from which are explained below;

  • No - We won't take any currencies from your store and we'll default the currency to whatever is set in your Shiptheory integration settings and is a static value.
  • Yes, per store -  We'll use the default currency for your store and apply it to the order, this works well when you have a different store for each currency.
  • Yes, per order - We'll use the currency set for the specific order we've received as the currency, if you happen to ship different orders in different currencies (e.g one in GDP and one in USD) this will give you the flexibility you need to handle them.

If you have any questions about this, feel free to contact support