You may notice that some of our shipping labels contain a Shiptheory logo. In all cases, the design of the label would have been through a sign-off and quality assurance process with the carrier. Typically, the carriers we partner with favour, and some make it a direct requirement, to include the Shiptheory logo as it helps identify the source of the label.

In some exceptional cases, it may be possible to remove the logo from carrier labels however the change may require Shiptheory to work with the carrier to obtain approval on your behalf.

There are several important notes regarding the removal of the Shiptheory logo from shipping labels:

  • The process to remove a the logo from your labels is not quick. It can take a matter of weeks.
  • Not all carriers will approve removing the Shiptheory logo from your labels.
  • Shiptheory is likely to charge you to remove the logo.
  • The majority of requests to remove the logo have historically been rejected.

If you would like to talk to someone regarding the Shiptheory logo on your shipping labels, please reach out to support.