It is possible to specify the number of boxes or parcels for your TradeGecko shipments. This can be done by following the steps below. *

  1. Open your Order in TradeGecko and under the Shipments panel on the right, select the Manual option

  2. Make any adjustments to the shipment's items quantities or leave as they are to pack the whole order.

  3. Under Message to customer, enter any delivery instructions and on a new line type boxes = X, where X is the number of boxes of the shipment

  4. Click Create at the bottom of the screen to save and fulfil the shipment.


  • The number of boxes can also be declared in the TradeGecko order screen notes but please consider that if the order is packed in more than one shipment, the number of boxes will be detected by Shiptheory for each shipment. For example, if 2 boxes was specified in the order notes, and the order was part fulfilled into two TradeGecko shipments, Shiptheory would book a total of 4 shipping labels (2 boxes for each shipment).

  • If instructions are entered into both the order notes and shipment notes, both sets of notes are combined.

  • If a number of boxes are specified in both the order notes and shipment notes, the number of boxes specified in the TradeGecko shipment will take priority.

  • The text string is not case sensitive and does not need spaces. For example, boxes=2 will work as well as Boxes = 2