VisualSoft is an ecommerce platform that integrates easily with Shiptheory. Orders that are created in VisualSoft are brought through to Shiptheory using the GetNewOrders function of the VisualSoft API, and orders that have been brought into Shiptheory are marked as "Downloaded" in VisualSoft.

Set Up

The first step in getting VisualSoft set up is to enable it from the channels page here. From this page, you will want to scroll down and choose the VisualSoft option to enable it within your accound. It shouldn't be too far, the list is in alphabetical order.

The next step is to fill out the necessary information for VisualSoft, these being API Username, API Password, Domain and Client ID. If you are unsure of what any of these are, please get in contact with VisualSoft, who will be able to assist. Theire support is contactable on: 01642 676 018 

You are also able to decide whether you want your product weight to be in grams or kilograms:

When all this is filled out, click "Test Connection" to confirm you have successfully connected:

You will either see a green tick, meaning that you have successfully connected, or you might see a red cross with an error message. This usually means that some of the information you've provided is incorrect, so make sure to double check your information. If you're sure that the information you've provided is correct, it's worth contacting VisualSoft support.

Make sure to hit "Save" after you've input all this information:

Advanced Settings

To access that advanced settings for VisualSoft, click the cog icon at the bottom left of the settings page:

Within the advanced settings, there are three options, these being Email Notifications, Ignored Status and Status Update. 

Email Notifications-

With this option, you can select whether to send an email notification to a customer when a tracking number is returned from the carrier. By default, this is set to "No".

Ignored Status- 

With this option, you can choose for Shiptheory to ignore orders that have a certain status in Visualsoft. If you want to ignore more than one status, make sure the names you enter are comma separated.

Status Update- 

With this option, you can choose what status is set to an order in VisualSoft after a tracking number has been received. By default, it is set to "Order Dispatched".