What is a shipping status?

Shipping statuses are 'labels' that are assigned to all shipments, the status that is assigned to your shipments are entirely dependant on how they have processed within your account.

Potential Shipping Statuses:

  • Completed - This shipment has successfully been booked with a carrier. Shiptheory has received a tracking number and your channel has been updated. Everything has processed as it should. Completed shipments are automatically archived after 24 hours.

  • Archived - Completed shipments that have been printed. You can manually archive shipments you no longer need but as mentioned above, completed shipments are automatically archived after 24 hours. It is possible to disable automatic archiving, if you would like to utilise this feature, please get in contact with support.

  • Not Ready - This shipment has been temporarily ignored because your channel settings dictate the shipment is not yet ready to be sent to a carrier. Perhaps this order is still awaiting payment or being processed or picked by a staff member.

  • Ignored - This shipment has been ignored as it does not meet the conditions of any of your Shipping Rules. This is not an error, you potentially don't want Shiptheory to process the shipment. If you believe a shipment with the 'ignored' status should have been processed by Shiptheory, please check your shipping rules and make sure the conditions match this shipment. For example, if your rules are weight based, does the weight of this shipment match your rules?

  • Waiting - This shipment needs more information before it can be shipped. For example, the package dimensions are missing from the order but are required by your carrier, the consignment will be 'waiting' until dimensions are provided manually.

  • Queued - This shipment was previously in "Waiting" status and has now been "approved" and is queued to be shipped against the matching shipping rule. More information on bulking shipping "Waiting" shipments here.

  • Failed - There was a problem communicating with the carrier or channel.  Click 'view' on the corresponding shipment and scroll to the bottom. The 'shipment history' will provide detailed error messages that will help you determine the cause of the issue.

  • Ready - The shipment information has been saved from the channel but the shipment has not yet been sent to the carrier. You will see this status if you happen to look at a shipment while Shiptheory is still processing the order data. Typically this status should only last a couple of seconds.

  • Processing - It can take a second or two for Shiptheory to send and retrieve data to and from channels and carriers. During this time, shipments in Shiptheory may show as Processing.

  • Insert Coins - If you hit your shipment quota (specified within your subscription details), any additionally shipments will be assigned this status. You can purchase a bolt on or upgrade your subscription to increase your shipment quota.