Accessing your Shipping Rules 

To set up your shipping rules; you will first need to navigate to the shipping rules page, which can be found on your account drop down:

From this page, you can then choose to add new rules or manage any existing rules. 

To add a new rule click the "add new rule" button:

Setting up your Shipping Rule

There are three main parts of setting up a rule:

Select a carrier: This allows you to choose from the list of carriers you have set up within your Shiptheory account. Make sure you choose the most suitable carrier for the purpose of the rule.

Select a service: Now that you've chosen your carrier, you will need to select one of the services they offer. Please bear in mind that some services have restrictions on weight, value etc. so make sure the orders you hope to match with your shipping rule meet the conditions of the service.

Edit Formula: The formula of your rule is what allows you to place your own set of conditions against your shipments. Ultimately allowing you to map how orders are processed and booked with specific carriers. You can place multiple conditions against each rule, making them as simple or as intricate as you wish.

Conditions of your rules

Shipping rules are often created using the following conditions:

  • Country - The country you are sending your shipment to. You can choose either "in" or "not in", meaning you can prevent particular carriers/services being used for certain countries if you wish.

  • Shipping Method - Not to be confused with shipping service! The shipping method is information that will be passed through to Shiptheory from your channel, usually specified by your customers upon purchase. You can use custom shipping methods in order to match a rule within your Shiptheory account, but please bear in mind that the shipping method selected for the shipment must match exactly with your rule in order to process successfully.

  • Value - The monetary value of the shipment being sent.

  • Weight - The weight of the shipment; often causing a heavy impact on the shipping services available to you.

  • Postcode/Zipcode - The postcode/zipcode you are sending the shipment to. Similar to 'country', you can select either "in" or "not in" when developing this condition.

  • SKU - The specific product code of your shipment.

  • Boxes - The number of boxes that make up the shipment you are sending. It is important to note that this condition is not supported by all carriers and channels.

Rule Importance

Within our advanced settings, you are also able to specify the importance level of each rule, essentially allowing you to assign a higher priority to one shipping rule over another. This feature should be utilised and is particular useful when a shipment meets the conditions of multiple rules within your Shiptheory account. 

As mentioned, rule importance is located within the advanced settings of your account. You can access this through the cog in the bottom left corner of your screen, as shown here:

Remember the higher the number assigned to a rule, the more important it will be. Bigger numbers take priority.

Save, save, save!

Once you've finished setting up your rule, please don't forget to save your work!

If you have any issues or extra questions during this process, please don't hesitate to contact support.