Shiptheory downloads product data as it receives shipments from your channel. This means rather than large regular bulk product downloads, Shiptheory downloads products only when you ship an order containing those products. The product data we have on file is often transferred to carriers when booking shipments depending on the carrier's requirement. The data is especially important when shipping internationally to prevent delays or rejections at borders.

If you need to view what product data we have on file or make any changes, you can view and edit your product data, here. This is useful if, for example, you need to add any additional product data that isn't supplied by your sales channel.

Please note that if any product information in Shiptheory differs from that in your channel, any changes will be lost the next time we download a new order containing that product. If you do not want your channel data to overwrite your product catalog, you can turn off this behaviour in Product Catalogue Settings.

Commodity Data

Update product names, descriptions and inventory levels should be relatively straight forward in your web store or back-office system. It may not be as straight forward to update your product commodity data. In some cases, not all backend systems and web stores have native support for commodity data. Shiptheory may be able to help in these cases. The below links may be helpful.

If you are using a platform not covered on the above links, get in touch with support, we may be able to add commodity data on your behalf.