Once an order has been processed by Shiptheory and set to 'Complete', it will send the tracking number back to Visualsoft.

If you use the 'Status Update' setting in the advanced settings for Visualsoft, seen below. This will stop the tracking number from being displayed.

However, Shiptheory does still send the the tracking number to Visualsoft. If the order in Visualsoft is set to anything other than 'Order Dispatched', it will not display the tracking number.

An example of this is if the Status Update is set to 'Awaiting Dispatch'. When the order is 'Complete' in Shiptheory, it will send the tracking number to Visualsoft and set the status of the order to 'Awaiting Dispatch'. In Visualsoft it will say the order is Awaiting Dispatch, but not display the tracking number.

If you were to change the status of the shipment in Visualsoft from 'Awaiting Dispatch' to 'Order Dispatched', the tracking number will appear.

If you have any questions about this, please contact our Support Team.