Shiptheory updates orders in VisualSoft, adding, where available, the tracking number, tracking link, shipping label and carrier name used to ship the order. When this update happens, Shiptheory can request that VisualSoft sends a dispatch email to the customer.

Enable & Disable VisualSoft Emails

To enable/disable the email notification feature, access your Advanced VisualSoft settings in Shiptheory by clicking the cog icon from the bottom left corner of the VisualSoft settings page within your Shiptheory account. You can then enable/disable email notifications by updating sand saving the below setting.

Changing Email Content & Template

Shiptheory can only trigger VisualSoft emails and has no control over the content of the emails sent by VisualSoft. If you need to make changes to the email content, please contact VisualSoft support.