Printing Options in Shiptheory

There are numerous ways you can print labels from Shiptheory.  Here is a brief overview of each.

Automatic printing

Automatic printing works by automatically sending a shipment to a specific printer as soon as a consignment is created with a carrier.   This happens without the user having to hit print or interfere.

See more: Automatic printing guide

Manual printing

You can print single or multiple labels from the dashboard in Shiptheory, this will download a pdf containing the labels that you can then print or email as needed.

Print to Printer from Dashboard

When you find your shipment click on the white arrow in the blue box and select the 'print example printer' option in the drop down menu to print the shipment label off of your selected label.

If this option does not appear then check the shipment status shown in Shiptheory is either Complete or Waiting to Print.

Barcode printing

Barcode printing works by scanning the barcode of a package onto Shiptheory using the barcode scanner icon at the top of the dashboard home page.

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Bulk printing

Bulk printing is an option when you want to print multiple different shipping labels at once to save time. You can bulk print to a PDF or a printer, by select the relevant option from the 'Actions' drop down at the bottom of the screen.

Embedding labels in 3rd party software

Depending on system you're using, labels can be embedded in some third party systems.

Integrated labels

In tandem with all print options, in place of just printing a shipping label, you can build an integrated label, which allows you to build an invoice/packing sheet with the embedded label.

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If you need help with any of the print options please contact us