We've added support for integrated labels.

This allows you to build a template that will have an integrated label on it.

To start, navigate here where you'll be able to add a new template.

You'll first need to select the label size you want to make the template for. The label sizes available will be based on the carrier(s) you have enabled in Shiptheory. Ie. A Royal Mail label is 6x4.

So if you want to make a template for your Royal Mail labels, select 6x4.

Underneath on the left you'll find your template layout.

Start by dragging over the field(s) you want for your template.

Once you've dragged the fields into the template area, you'll be able to adjust their position and sizes(where applicable)

If you'd like to place a logo or image you can do so by using the custom text field and adding the address of the image:

This will automatically become an image that you can move around and resize, ie your company logo.

Make sure you hit save at the bottom of the page.

Now when ever you process a shipment for that label size (eg. 6"x4") , instead of just the label, you'll end up with the label and what ever you added to your label template, see the example below:

If you have questions or would like help configuring your integrated labels, just let us know here.

An example of appropriate paper for 6x4 integrated labels is available here.