If you would like Shiptheory to interact with your printers automatically or semi automatically (ie. automatically send to print when you create a new shipment, or when you scan a barcode relating to an order), you'll need to have installed our print client.

1. Please download the desktop print client from here

2. Once you have downloaded the Shiptheory print client run the install and you should see the following screen.

3. Follow the install process through until you get to the login screen. Here you can login with your usual Shiptheory username and password.

4. Once you've logged in successfully you should now see a new icon on your taskbar (Windows)(Bottom right hand side of the screen near the clock)

5. Click this icon to bring up the Shiptheory print client, where you will be able to view all the printers connected to this PC which will be available in your Shiptheory account. 

Once you have installed the Shiptheory print client and have logged in to it, can then configure your printers in Shiptheory here