Within Shiptheory, you are able to export your shipments to a CSV of your own design. You can then upload this to another platform, allowing for easy transfer of your order data.

This guide will both show you how to create a CSV template for your shipments and then how to export to that CSV. If you already have a template created and just want to jump straight to how you export to one, click here.

Creating a CSV template:

The first thing you will want to do is navigate to the CSV Template page within your Shiptheory account (located in your advanced settings).

You'll then want to select the Add New Template button.

On this new page, the first thing you'll want to do is choose the settings for your CSV template. Enter a name, delimiter, and enclosure

You will then want to choose the exact information that will be included in each of your CSV's. 

To do this, choose the data field type from the dropdown (highlighted as 1 below). You're able to choose from Recipient Address, Sender's Address, Shipment info, and Product Info.

Once selected, then simply drag and drop each available field (highlighted as 2) to your template choices on the right (highlighted as 3). The order from top to bottom you have them listed will be the order they appear on the CSV itself.

The last thing you'll want to do is hit Save!

Exporting to your CSV Template:

There are two ways in which you can export your orders to a CSV. Either by manually selecting them within Shiptheory, or having a CSV automatically created when it matches one of your automatic Shipping Rules.

Manually selecting Orders:

On your Shiptheory Dashboard, select the order you want by clicking each of their respective tick boxes.

Then scrolling down to the bottom of the page, select the Export To CSV option within the Actions menu.

Lastly, choose the CSV template you'd like to use. Your CSV of those selected orders will then begin to be downloaded to your computer. 

Automatically Exporting To CSV:

When creating/editing a Shipping Rule, where you would normally select a carrier and service, you will have the option to export to one of your CSV templates. 

You simply need to select the CSV template you'd like to use (The CSV options will be at the very bottom of the Carrier dropdown). Then create the Shipping Rule as normal. 

When an order then matches that rule, a new icon will appear on your Shiptheory Dashboard. It can be found within your search bar on the dashboard.

While viewing a tab on your Shiptheory Dashboard, if an order on that page has been booked as a CSV shipment, the icon will appear for you.

When you click that icon, a new window will appear. It will ask you for a date range. Enter the date range (1) you'd like to search for CSV shipments and click Search (2). 

It will then present you with a list of all shipments that matched with your CSV rule within your chosen date range (3).  

Clicking the little blue CSV icon next to the shipment list will then download one CSV file that contains all the shipments within your chosen date range.

Have any questions or would like any with setting up your CSV? One of our Support Team would be happy to give you a hand!