You can create CSV exports from the Shipments in your Shiptheory account, by first creating an export layout:

1. Start by Click the Add New Template button

2. Enter a name for your CSV template and select the delimiter you wish to use (comma or semi colon) and how the text is enclosed, with "" or ''

3. Further down the page you'll find the CSV layout.

Here you'll find a drop down menu which will display all the fields available per the menu item.
For example, selecting 'Products' from the menu, will show you all the available fields that can be added to a CSV such as Product Weight, Quantity, Name and much more.

Once you've selected from the drop down menu, select the item from the 'available fields' on the left and drag it to the right to 'Fields used in template'  The order of the fields in the csv correspond to the position in the list on the right. The top of the list is the first position in the CSV.

4. Once complete, hit the save button.

You will be redirected to the Manage CSV Templates

5.   You can manually export shipments to a CSV.

Select the shipments you want to export from the Shiptheory dashboard, then at the bottom in the drop down action menu click 'export csv'  This will show you a list of all the available templates you've created.   Select the one you want to use and hit export, this will download the CSV.