The following document describes the workflow you can follow to ship your TradeGecko orders with Shiptheory.

1. Check Your TradeGecko Connection

Before reading further, check your Shiptheory account is connected to your TradeGecko account. You can do this by clicking your TradeGecko setttings from the main menu in your Shiptheory account. It should look like this:

If you do not see the green success message, please check our setup guide here.

2. Ship Your Orders

Once you've confirmed your TradeGecko account is connected, to send a shipment through to Shiptheory, find an order in TradeGecko and hit the Pack button on the bottom right of the order screen. Example below.

Once Packed  the order will automatically be sent to Shiptheory within a few seconds.

Now, if you navigate to you will see a screen similar to the above. In the above example, Shipping Rules have automatically dispatched this order with Parcelforce's express24 service and printed a label directly out of a printer in the warehouse.

If you have not yet setup Shipping Rules, select the All tab, and you will see all your shipment's irrespective of their status (see: statuses explained). Your first shipment should be there, congratulations!

If you don't see any shipment's under the all tab, but you think there should be, please reach out to support.

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