We have updated the signature options we provide for UK Mail.

Rather than having a choice of the signature being optional or not, you'll have a choice of what kind of signature requirements you want, whether you want the neighbours to be allowed to sign it as well as the intended recipient or turning off the signature requirement entirely. 

These are the options we now provide and a description of each one

  • Signature Required at the Address - A signature will be required at the delivery address for your shipment to be delivered.
  • Signature Required at Address or Neighbour - A signature will be required at the delivery address or by a neighbour for your shipment to be delivered.
  • No Signature Required - No signature is required for the shipment to be delivered and the parcel can be left in a place that the driver deems as safe¬†

Where is this feature?

You can find this drop-down menu by following the screenshots below.

First, you'll want to go into your UK Mail settings by clicking the highlighted option

Then you should scroll down until you see this little cog at the bottom left-hand corner of the screen and click it.

You should then see the drop down menu where you can select which option you want

If you have any queries about this don't hesitate to contact our support team.