Not all carriers in Shiptheory support manifesting your shipments, as it's only actually required with specific carriers.

If you're wanting to check if your carrier supports manifesting in Shiptheory, you can do so by clicking the carrier name in your Shiptheory dropdown:

If the carrier supports manifesting, you'll see a sub-dropdown appear with "Manifest" as an option there. Clicking that will take you to a new menu where usually you can either "manage" or "print" your manifest. Each carrier that does allow manifesting works slightly differently with Shiptheory, so if you're unsure it's always best to double check with Support.

For example, Royal Mail requires you to manually "Print Manifest" at the end of each day to generate a paper copy and send the electronic data to the Royal Mail system. However, Tuffnells will automatically manifest at the end of each day without external intervention.

If you click on your carrier name and no dropdown for Manifest appears, generally these carriers will not require a manifest and instead, when sending the orders via Shiptheory, that should be the only action that needs taking. (Apart from perhaps organising a collection)

If you feel like a carrier you use should require a manifest from Shiptheory but currently doesn't, please feel free to Contact Support and let us know.