Shiptheory currently does not currently allow you to print your daily manifest directly from your Shiptheory account dashboard.

Every Carrier that Shiptheory supports will work a little differently when it comes time to manifesting the days consignments. A good rule of thumb is to consider that although Shiptheory does not give you the option to print your shipping manifest, your manifest will be automatically pre-populated. This means that to print your manifest, in most cases you just need to login to your carriers software and print the manifest as you did before you started using Shiptheory. Your manifest will already contain any shipments that Shiptheory processed.

Why can't I print my Manifest directly in Shiptheory?

Not providing a print manifest option in the interface has been a conscious decision based on feedback received by our users. Currently many of our users occasionally print labels manually throughout the day, outside of Shiptheory. There is no way for Shiptheory to know that these labels exist and therefore can not add them to the manifest. In the above example; at the end of the day, a manifest we provide may be missing shipments.

I think I should be able to print my Manifest in Shiptheory!

Shiptheory was built to make shipping easier, for everyone. Every feature request we get from users is documented and discussed. Every time another customer requests the same feature we discuss it again. We record the number of times a feature is requested. If we've got it wrong, our users will tell us. Get in touch with us and request the ability to print your shipping manifest directly from your Shiptheory account and we will see what we can do.