Shiptheory integrates with Unleashed.  Unleashed deals with the concept of creating Shipments allowing orders to be fulfilled via goods out notes.  



First, navigate to your Unleashed Settings from the main menu in your Shiptheory account.


You'll be asked to enter your Unleashed API ID and your Unleashed API Key

You can retrieve your Unleashed API ID and API Key from Unleashed account from the Integrations -> Unleashed API Access menu.

Once you have added the API Id and key, hit the test connection button to confirm everything is working as intended:

Note: If you don't get a success message, check you have copied the ID and key correctly and didn't include any whitespace at the end(s).

Hit save, and your Unleashed account is connect with your Shiptheory account!

To see how to test out your newly configured connection between Unleashed and Shiptheory, 
check out our guide here