Before testing a shipment, check you have your Unleashed store successfully connected to your Shiptheory account by navigating to

And hitting the test connection button.

If you don't see a success message, check our getting started guide

View the order you wish to ship, and hit the 'order' tab, from here select the 'create shipment option.

Then you'll need to go to 'Order' and then select the 'Create Shipment'

Then on the next screen, in the top right, hit the 'Dispatch' option:

The shipment should shortly (within a minute) show in your Shiptheory account:

You should now see the order(s) with the Fulfilled tag on them as shown below under the 'all' tab in Shiptheory.

Your first shipment should be there, congratulations!

If you don't see any shipment's under the all tab, but you think there should be, our support guys and gals will be more than happy to help

If you've not created any rules in Shiptheory yet, the shipment will be set as 'ignored' in Shiptheory.  This means the shipment has been ignored as no Shipping Rules match. This is not an error, just that no rules you have at present have matched that shipemnt.

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