Shiptheory integrates with Magento.  Shiptheory will pick up any shipments that are created in your Magento store.  Note a shipment is not the same as an order.  Ie you may have an order for 10 items, and create 2 shipments for that order, on different days.  Shiptheory handles each shipment differently.


  1. Download the Shiptheory Magento extension here
  2. Extract the downloaded zip file and open the Magento-Extension-master folder
  3. Upload the the app and skin directories to your Magento root directory
  4. Clear your Magento cache
  5. Log out and back into the Magento admin panel
  6. Follow the instructions from the System->Configuration->Shiptheory screen

If you'd like us to install the extension for you, or need some help, just let us know by contacting us

You'll need to get your API key which can be found here 

Once the extension is installed if you navigate to 'System' > 'Configuration'

From the left hand side select the Shiptheory extension and you'll see the Shiptheory setup box.

Make sure Enabled is set as Yes

Paste in the API key you got from here  and hit the save config button (top right).

Once you've done this, you should start to see subsequent shipments you create show up in the 'all' tab in your shiptheory account

For a more detailed explanation of creating shipments in Magento, check this article here

You can also read about our more advanced Magento settings here : Advanced Magento settings in Shiptheory