This article is now obsolete.

Please visit this new guide on Getting started with Shiptheory and FedEx

If you navigate to

Here you can enter your required credentials.

If you do not have the required credentials, are unsure or don't know how to get them, check out our guide here.

Once you have the required API credentials, enter them in the boxes shown.

Note, FedEx, like many of our carriers has both a test and live mode.

We have placed the advanced option icon in the same place on every page that has advanced options, you'll find it at the bottom of the page on the left hand side. It's a small silver cog.

If you click the small cog, you'll be able to switch between live and test environments.

Make sure you have Shiptheory's FedEx settings set as the correct mode, ie if you have test details from FedEx, use the test mode.

Once you have moved to production, update your details and remember to set test mode to No.

Important: You'll need to send an email to asking them to approve your production key with a label you've created using your test details. (if you're unsure what this means, or how to do this, check our moving to production guide )