Shiptheory has the ability to pick up any deliveries that are created within your Exact account. It is important to remember that a within Exact, a delivery is not the same as an order. To provide you with an example, you may have an order for 10 items but only create 2 deliveries for that order. Shiptheory handles each delivery differently.


If you would prefer to have a quick run through the set up, our support team have put together a helpful video to talk you through the process:


After signing up with Shiptheory you will be prompted to select and configure your channel. From this page, you will need to scroll down and choose the Exact option to enable it within your account. It shouldn't be far, the list is in alphabetical order.

 Having enabled Exact, you will be redirected to the channel settings. In order to successfully connect your Exact account, you will first need to input a default consignment weight (in kg). Although Exact does not yet fully support weights, we recommend you enter a default weight as many carriers will require one.

You will also need to select your Exact location, eg. UK

Once you have input your weight and location, the next step is to authorise the connection. This will authorise Shiptheory's access to your Exact account. 

Having clicked 'authorise' you will be redirected and prompted to log into your Exact account, once logged in, you will be asked to either allow or deny Shiptheory's access to your account. Please select allow.

Once you have selected allow, you will be redirected back to the Shiptheory setup page. You will be met with a success message, your Exact account is connected.


Once successfully connected, you should start to see subsequent deliveries you create show up in the 'all' tab within your Shiptheory account:

Additional Information

If you would like any clarity on the above, or would like us to complete the install for you, please contact customer support on 0117 403 4313. Alternatively, you can email us here