Shiptheory will receive your Unleashed order once a Shipment has been created for it in Unleashed.

A shipment is created in Unleashed is created for an order either when you select Ship on it, or when it is set to Complete.

Once a Shipment is created for an order, it will then appear in your Shiptheory Dashboard. If you do not have any Shipping Rules setup, it will be in the 'All' tab.

How Do I Create a Shipment in Unleashed?

Within Unleashed there are multiple ways in which you can create a Shipment for an order. 

Method 1:

        Go into the order itself, and in the Order Menu, select Create Shipment.

Method 2:

        You can also select Ship from the Action menu when on the 'View Sales Order' page.

Can I change when Shiptheory receives my shipments?

By default Shiptheory will take all created shipments from your Unleashed store. However, you might prefer to choose the exact status a shipment must reach in order to be sent to Shiptheory. This is an option provided in the Unleashed advanced settings as per the image below;

The options you can choose from in this dropdown are;

  • On Creation (Continue to look for all shipments)
  • Parked
  • Placed
  • Picking
  • Packed
  • Dispatched

Once selected you'll just need to scroll up and hit Save, from then onwards we'll look specifically for the selected status when searching for shipments from your Unleashed store.

Need any help with this? One of our Support Team would be happy to give you a hand!