Before reading further, check your Shiptheory account is connected to your Brightpearl account.

You can do this by going to the Brightpearl settings page in Shiptheory and hitting the test connection button:

If you don't get the success message check this article to help get your connection configured first.

You'll also need to confirm from the Brightpearl settings page in Shiptheory which trigger you use in Brightpearl to send goods out notes through to Shiptheory.

We will look at all 4 of these triggers below.


The created trigger means as soon as you fulfill a shipment in Brightpearl it will be sent through to Shiptheory, ie. when a goods out note is created.

To create a goods out note in Brightpearl, you can click the 'Fulfill and Ship later' option from the green drop down button.

Note: it's not a great idea to use the Fulfill and mark as Shipped option as this will effectively lock the goods out note in Brightpearl, meaning Shiptheory will not be able to add a tracking number to the Shipment.

Printed, Picked and Packed

These are the statuses that each goods out note in Brightpearl has these 3 statuses, as well as a 'shipped' status.

Note, once a goods out note has been shipped, it is no longer editable.

In Brightpearl you can action these status a couple of ways.

In Bulk 

If you you are likely to process goods out notes in bulk, ie you want to print, pick or pack them at the same time, navigate to the 'due to ship' menu found under the sales menu in your Brightpearl account.

Here you can select the goods out notes you wish to process (via the checkboxes on the left) and hit the relevant status update (print, pick, pack)

Below you'll see we've marked the top 3 as 'picked'

One by one

You can also click on the goods out note ID link


or from the order view by clicking the goods out note link under a product line

This will load a copy of that one goods out note which contains 4 buttons: Print, Pick, Pack and Ship.

Here you can click the action(s) you require.

Once you've triggered your good(s) out notes being sent to Shiptheory, navigate to .

Here you'll have an 'All' tab, clicking the all tab should show you all your shipment's irrespective of their status (see: statuses explained). 

Your first shipment should be there, congratulations!

If you don't see any shipment's under the all tab, but you think there should be, our support guys and gals will be more than happy to help

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