When shipping internationally, some carriers require product Commodity Code, Manufacturer Country, Description and Composition used during Customs. It is possible to download this additional commodity data to Shiptheory from Magento when Shiptheory picks up your orders.

To have Shiptheory download this data, create a Product Attributes in Magento for the Commodity Code, Description and Composition. There is an existing Country of Manufacturer attribute in Magento, you can use this pr-existing field or create a new field.

1. Add Product Attributes in Magento

From within the Magento admin panel, browse to Catalog -> Attributes -> Manage Attributes

Add a new attribute and match the attribute settings to the image below. In this image we are creating the commodity_code attribute. The code you use does not matter, but make a note of it as you will adding it to your Shiptheory account later.

You now need to assign this attribute to any attribute sets so that you can see this attribute when editing products. From the same Catalog -> Attributes menu select Manage Attribute Sets. Select the product attribute set you are using.

Now, drag the new commodity_code field from Unassigned Attributes the Group box and save, as shown below.

Repeat the above steps for the commodity description and country of manufacturer if you need them.

2. Update Magento Products

Now, browse to the product in Magento and you should see the new field. Add a commodity code to the product and save. If you do not see your new attribute when editing your product, you may need to refresh your Magento Catalog Index. If you are unsure how to do this, here is a tutorial.

You can update these product attributes in bulk using the Magento CSV Product Import.

3. Tell Shiptheory About Your Product Attributes

In your Shiptheory account, browse to your Magento settings page. At the bottom left corner of the page is a small cog icon. Click it to expand advanced settings. Here you will find a field for commodity code, description and country of manufacture. Enter the exact attribute code as you created in Magento, as below. And save.

That's it. When new orders appear in Shiptheory, product data existing in these fields will be downloaded and used when shipping internationally.

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