Integrated labels allow you to build a custom page template that features your shipping label in a design of your choosing.

Starting a new Integrated Labels template

To get started, click on your username in the top right of the Shiptheory toolbar, select 'Advanced' and then 'Integrated Labels' (or click here).

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On the Integrated Templates page, click the 'Add New Template' button.

Setting your Template Details

First, you will need to select for which Courier Label Size the template will apply. For instance, selecting 'Royal Mail (4"x 6")' below, would apply the template to all future Royal Mail shipments.

Next, set the size of the integrated labels template you would like to design. You can either select common page sizes (A4, A5 ...) or enter a custom page size (in mm):

If required, you can set some page margins to be taken into account when designing your template. For instance if you need to allow space for your printer or a stock letterhead or footer design:

You can select whether to have the courier shipping label print out onto a separate page from the rest of the integrated label template. If you choose to do so, the shipping label will print in the top-left corner of the new page taking into account any margins set in the setting above. You can still choose to include the shipping label in your integrated template design.

Important: If you do not want to include the shipping label on the main page, do not drag the shipping label element onto the designer or you will received the label on both the separate page and the main page.

The Font and Size menus control the page's default font and size for new elements added to the template:

The Date Format selector lets you choose how dates are displayed on your templates, for fields such as 'Order Date', or the 'Shipped Date':

Now you have a new Integrated Labels template configured, you can get started creating your Integrated Labels design.