If you are affected by the current Brightpearl webhook problem, you can do the following to pull your Shipments into Shiptheory which will be processed normally.

If navigate to your Brightpearl settings page in Shiptheory ( shiptheory.com/brightpearl/edit/ ) and change your trigger to printed or picked and hit save (if you already have printed or picked, leave it as it is)



Once you've done this, in Brightpearl for any goods out note you have missing, retrigger the goods out note being sent over from Brightpearl by hitting the printed or picked option on the goods out note.  If the goods out note is already picked/printed, unpick/unprint them first.


You'll need your goods out note id for any shipment you wish to force into Shiptheory, you can get this by viewing a goods out note ID and looking in the address bar :

If you gather a list of the goods out note ids (from the url bar shown above) you need processed and send them through we will process them for you straight away