If you are shipping with Royal Mail via NetDespatch, you are restricted to only 1 box/label per consignment for domestic and international orders.

This restriction is put in place by Royal Mail & NetDespatch, and sadly it is not something we can overwrite.

The Solution

The solution put forward by NetDespatch is to create multiple Royal Mail consignments when need to send multiple boxes.

Won't This Cost Me More?

Yes. Shipping multiple separate consignments to the same address is likely to cost more than creating a multiple box consignment. If you have issues around pricing, please contact your Royal Mail account manager to discuss this matter further.

An Alternative Solution

As above, there is no way for Shiptheory to overwrite this behavior if you are using Royal Mail via NetDespatch. If this pains you as much as it does us, we recommend you do the following..

  1. Be heard. Contact your Royal Mail account manager and NetDespatch and raise a complaint around this functionality. The more push back, the higher the chance Royal Mail/NetDespatch removing this restriction.
  2. In some cases, you can integrate directly with Royal Mail's DMO API and bypass NetDespatch and avoid the 1 box maximum restriction. This will not be available to all shippers, please get in touch if you would like to discuss this further.