The Sales Order Summary is a mandatory requirement for Royal Mail. The paperwork (manifest) it produces forms part of the legal documentation required to transport your shipments.

Please do not confuse the Sales Order Summary with the Print Posting Summary. The Print Posting Summary is a statement of booked shipments for yourself, and does not send any information into your OBA Royal Mail account.

Running the Sales Order Summary triggers three events,

  1. The sending of information to Royal Mail regarding shipments booked on your account for billing purposes

  2. This also produces a collection manifest; the paperwork which customers should print out and hand to their collection driver

  3. Triggers pre advice for tracked and special delivery items which activate the recipient SMS and email alerts

If any consignments on NetDespatch are test orders , please ensure these are cancelled before running the Sales Order Summary.

In this instance may notice an increased number of items on the paper manifest when you run the Sales Order Summary compared to what you presented for collection today. This is because the Sales Order Summary will collate all previously unmanifested items and include it on today's manifest.

Please ensure the Sales Order Summary is run as per the below screenshots



You do not have to change the date, just click 'generate'.


You can now click print, which will trigger the information to be passed to Royal Mail, and produce a collection manifest to be handed to the collection driver.


Please note, the above process will need to be run for both your Domestic & International Royal Mail accounts.

If you are using any Tracked High Volume services on your Domestic account, you will also need to run the High Volume Sales Order Summary. The following screenshot shows how you can select to generate this. Please print as per the same process shown above.


Note: If you do not see this option, please ignore as you do not use any Tracked High Volume services on your Domestic account