Once you have enabled Bring on your Shiptheory account from the Manage Carriers page, Bring will be available from your main menu. You need to obtain a Bring.com API User ID and API Key and enter them into this page, as pictured below.

What is my Bring API User ID?

To get an API key, you must be registered on MyBring.com once done you will be able to generate an API key. Once you have an account on MyBring.com, you will need to generate an API key which can be done so here.

What is my Bring API Key?

Once you are registered on MyBring.com, head to the MyBring settings and API page to get your API key.

Once you have copied your API Key as above, you need to enable the with  booking API access in order to perform bookings from this page as shown below.

My Bring API User ID and Key are correct, why does Test Connection fail?

Please double check that your Bring User ID and API Key are correct. If you are sure these are correct, make sure you have enabled the Booking API on your MyBring account, as shown above.

Still having troubles getting set up with Bring? Get in touch with our Shiptheory support team for further assistance.