If you add a new shipping method in Brightpearl or edit a shipping method in Brightpearl (including deleting a shipping method), you may notice that in when creating a new shipping rule or editing an existing rule, the shipping method mapping options don't reflect your newly updated Brightpearl shipping methods.

You can refresh your Brightpearl shipping methods by navigating to your Brightpearl settings page and simply hitting the save button.

If you then navigate back to the rules page, you should see all your current shipping methods are once again up to date and correct.

When you're mapping your shipping methods to a rule make sure they're word for word the same as they are in your Brightpearl account otherwise they may not work as intended.

Don't have Shipping methods setup in Brightpearl?

If you do not currently have Shipping Methods setup within your Brightpearl account and would like to use them with Shiptheory, you can take a look at Brightpearls guide on setting them up, by clicking here.

If you have any questions about this, our support team would be more than happy to help!