Shiptheory downloads all orders that you ship in Magento. There are several ways to ship an order in Magento, including third party extensions. No matter how your orders are shipped, they will appear in Shiptheory.

I'm Not Sending Orders to Shiptheory, Why is Shiptheory downloading them?

If orders are appearing in Shiptheory, it will be a direct result of the order is being shipped in Magento. If you are using third party extensions that ship orders, change order status or external API integrations, these third party processes may be trigging the ship process in Magento without you noticing.

How Do I Ignore These Orders?

If you do not have any shipping rules setup to process these orders, Shiptheory will mark the orders as Ignored or Not Ready. Orders in the Ignored or Not Ready status will go no further in Shiptheory without your manually intervention, you can safely ignore these orders. You canĀ read more about Shiptheory order statuses here.

Need More Help?

If you have questions regarding the Magento ship process, please get in touch with us - we are happy to help.