This article is now obsolete.

Please visit this new guide on Getting started with Shiptheory and FedEx

If you do not already have a FedEx developer key and password, you can create one providing you have a FedEx account. Follow the steps below to obtain your developer key and password. If you get lost, feel free to contact us and we can take care of this for you.

  1. Create a FedEx developer account here.
  2. After creating a developer account and logging in, click FedEx Web Services  then Develop and Test.

  3. Then click Get your test key

  4. You will now be asked to complete a register form by entering your company details and then accept the terms and conditions.

  5. You will then be presented with your Developer Test Key, Account Number and Meter Number. It is import to make a note of these, you need need to add these to your Shiptheory account.

  6. Finally, you will be emailed your Developer Password from FedEx. Save your developer password as you will need to add it to your Shiptheory account.

Need Help?

If you get stuck, or would like us to do this for you please get in touch. We are happy to help.