FedEx error code 2012, Shipper/origin country is not Thermal Air WayBill enabled can occur for several reasons.

One of the most common causes of this error is that the service you are trying to ship with is not available for your current shipment. For example, If you are shipping using FedEx Ground and your shipment is being sent internally within the UK, FedEx Ground is not available and will cause the 2015 Thermal Air WayBill error as shown above.

What Now?

Check the FedEx service you are using is valid for your shipment. A good test is to login to the FedEx website and try and create the same shipment manually to see if the service is available for your shipping locations.

Still Need Help?

Get inĀ touch with us and let us know the reference number of the shipment you are having trouble with, we can help.