Often your customers will want to specify shipping instrucitons such as 'leave behind gate'

You can pass these instructions from Brightpearl to Shiptheory and onto your carrier automatically.

In Brightpearl you can populate a custom field, first (if you've not already done this) you'll need to create one.

Custom fields in Brightpearl

In Brightpearl, you'll need to go to the settings menu, select custom fields from the left hand menu bar and then Sales.

Here you'll see any custom fields you have already created in Brightpearl. Each field has a name (the name you see) and a 'field code'  The field code is what you'll need in a minute. Take a note of it.

Setting your custom field in Shiptheory

In Shiptheory you'll need to navigate to your Brightpearl settings page , at the bottom of the page on the left you'll see a small cog, click the cog to see the advanced settings:

Here you'll see a special delivery field, in this field enter the Field code that you noted down from the Brightpearl settings page:

And hit save when you're done.

Populating your delivery instructions

Depending on how you are pulling your orders through you can automatically populate the delivery instructions field from your webstore or you can enter the instructions yourself if you're taking a phone order or an order in person from the customer.

And that's it, when a shipment for Shiptheory is pulled through, the shipping instruction is pulled through to Shiptheory and sent on to your carrier.