Identifying the batch of orders to cancel:

  • Log in with your userid at:
  • Click View Job Summary
  • Leave the Date Range at the top to default to today's date (or change the date as required)
  • Set Sort By to 'Unique Ref'
  • Click Submit.
  • Note the Unique Ref value of the FIRST order to cancel (this will be the start of the range)
  • Note the Unique value of the LAST order to cancel (this will be the end of the range).
  • Follow instructions below to cancel the orders.

Batch cancelling the orders:

  • Log in with your userid at:
  • Under the Order Management menu, select the Cancel option.
  • Select the Range option
  • Enter the ranges of the Order Reference. Note: all orders within the Range specified will be cancelled in sequential order
  • Enter the Date the range was entered into the system
  • Enter a reason (if required) for the cancellation
  • Click the Cancel button.
  • Click on Confirm Cancel.
  • Click on OK on the message.
  • You will now receive a message advising Booking has been cancelled.