Magento Connect is the recommend route to install Shiptheory on your store, it makes updates easier. 

For those that do not wish to use Magento Connect, you can install the extension manually using FTP/SFTP. The following instructions briefly explain how to install manually. If anything in the below instructions does not make sense, please contact your developer or use Magento Connect to install.

  1. Download the Shiptheory Magento extension here
  2. Extract the downloaded zip file and open the Magento-Extension-master folder
  3. Upload the the app and skin directories to your Magento root directory
  4. Clear your Magento cache
  5. Log out and back into the Magento admin panel
  6. Follow the instructions from the System->Configuration->Shiptheory screen

404 Access Denied

If you see a 404 or access denied message when trying to view the Shiptheory setup screen within Magento, you need to log out and back into your Magento admin panel.