Shiptheory, by default, will attempt to create labels for Magento orders that are in the Processing state. You may wish to change this default behavior. To do so, please follow the steps below.

  1. Browse to your Magento settings page in Shiptheory

  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Cog icon under the save button. This will expand an Advanced Settings section.

  3. In the Order Status field, type the order status that Shiptheory should look for before creating a label for the order. The default is processing.

  4. The Status Update field should should usually match the Order Status field. This field is used to update the status of the order in Magento after the tracking number has been returned from the carrier. In is possible, but uncommon, to set the Status Update field to a different status.

  5. Save the settings.

Troubleshooting and questions

1. Which fields are used in statuses.   Status label, status code, state code ? 
You use the State Code before the square brackets (seen below).  So if the state Code is:   packnow [Packnow] and you wanted Shiptheory to process shipments if they are set as the packnow status, you would specify    'packnow'  (excluding the commas). 

2. I've specified a status but I don't see my orders coming through?
The order status is only checked when you create a shipment in Magento. Ergo, if you have created a shipment in Magento and at that point in time you didn't have order status set as the order status you've specified in Shiptheory's configuration, then the shipment wont be resent through to Shiptheory.  You can navigate in Shiptheory to the 'All' tab and you'll see the shipment, here you can select a carrier for that shipment.  Or you can delete the shipment in Magento and re-ship the Shipment from Magento, ensuring the order it belongs to is at the correct status.