It is possible to automatically crate integrated shipping labels within Brightpearl. As Shiptheory receive labels back from carriers, the label is pushed back to Brightpearl's shipping label field.

By default, this label is hidden however you can include the label field in your templates in Brightpearl to automatically display your labels inline.

Let's walk through how to do that.

Edit a goods out note template in Brightpearl

1. View a goods out note in Brightpearl, and hit the edit template link

Edit Brightpearl goods out note template

3. Click the mouse at the point in the template you would like the label to show. Then click on the insert field at cursor dropdown menu, find and select 'Delivery label'. Save the template.

brightpearl integrate delivery label example

4. Now, when you view a goods out note that has been processed by Shiptheory you will see an integrated shipping label.

Brightpearl integrated label example for delivery

Resizing your label?

If your label appears to big or you wish to change the size of the label, you can do so by editing your Brightpearl template.  The same steps as above, with the exception that instead of selecting Delivery Label, you'll be selecting 'Delivery Label URI'.

Need Help?

If you would like some help, please don't hesitate to contact Shiptheory support and we will can assist you the best we can.