Until now, Shiptheory has always returned the tracking number and link to the carriers tracking website back to your ERP, Marketplace or Webstore. But now it's possible to create your own branded carrier tracking page in Shiptheory that we can send to your customers directly. 

To set this up, you'll first want to click "Carriers" on your Shiptheory sidebar and then hit "Manage Tracking":

This will then take you to the following page:

Enabling your Carriers for Tracking-

On this page you'll see all the carriers on your account that can receive tracking updates. You can enable as many or as few as you require. When you hit "Enable" on a carrier, a request will be sent to our team to configure this for you. This process can take up to 3 days, but when complete we will email you to let you know!

Customising your Tracking Page-

The next step is to customise your customer facing tracking page that will display the carrier information. To get started, hit the "Customise Now" button:

On this page you can customise the following:

Company Name: The name of your company as it will appear on the Tracking Page
Accent Colour: The colour used to accent parts of your page, such as the timeline.
Theme: Choose whether you want your theme to be Light or Dark.
Logo Image: Your company logo as it will appear on the page, you can upload a png, jpg or gif with a max size of 5MB.
Logo URL: When users click your logo, they will be directed to this page.

Banner Image: The banner that will appear across your tracking page, you can upload a png, jpg or gif with a max size of 5MB.
Banner URL: When users click your banner, they will be directed to this page.

When you're done with your setup, hit Save! If this is your first time accessing the settings page you'll want to configure your payment method. You can then view the updated preview of your Tracking Page:

If you have any questions or issues from there, please Contact Support.