Before you start: To better understand how Shiptheory and Amazon Buy Shipping work together, please read: How does Amazon Buy Shipping work in Shiptheory?

You have the option to ensure that only services from a certain carrier or a specific set of services are used to book your shipments in Amazon.

For instance, if you only wanted Shiptheory to book shipments with Royal Mail or DPD:

Or if you want to ensure that shipments are only booked with a specific list of EVRi services:

It's important to note that the wording for these services has to exactly match with Amazon (including upper and lower case letters and spaces). If you are in any way unsure, please contact the Shiptheory Support Team 

Note: If Shiptheory can't find a valid match between the available shipping services returned by Amazon and specific carriers or services listed in the settings above, the shipment will be marked as 'Failed' in Shiptheory.

If you have any other questions regarding shipping with Amazon, please just reach out to the Shiptheory Support Team