Lowest Cost Service/Fastest Service

Shiptheory's Amazon Buy Shipping integration automatically selects, purchases and books shipping for your Amazon orders based on the "Lowest Cost Service" or "Fastest Service" available for each order.

Amazon provides Shiptheory a list of service options that satisfy each order's requirements and Shiptheory will automatically select a carrier service based on the shipping service option selected (Lowest Cost Service/Fastest Service) and any enhancement options you may have selected.

If none of the shipping options offered by Amazon match your selected conditions an error message will be returned to explain why and your shipment will not be booked so you can adjust your options accordingly.

Shipment Pick Up/Drop Off & Delivery Experience

You will need to select two other options when booking your shipments:

 - whether you would like the carrier to pick up your shipments or if you will drop off shipments to your carrier

 - whether you require shipment tracking services and/or a signature on delivery

Both of these can have default values set in your Amazon Buy Shipping settings in Shiptheory or you could set these values in your shipping rules or when booking your shipments via the carrier enhancements menu.

Note that your selections for these options can drastically change which carrier service options are matched and returned by Amazon.