By default Shiptheory will ship each package sent to it from Peoplevox as a single shipment. For example if you had a despatch in Peoplevox with a reference of DES001 and packages 1 and 2, each package would come into Shiptheory as its own shipment with a Shipment ID like DES001-1 and DES001-2. 

In some scenarios you may wish for Shiptheory to wait to send your shipment to a courier until all packages on a despatch have been sent in. This is where Multiple Package Consignments come in. When you set your Peoplevox integration to use Multiple Package Consignments your shipment will be set into a status of "Not Ready" until all packages have been sent to Shiptheory by Peoplevox. 

Every time a new package is sent to Shiptheory, it will merge new products with the existing shipment, add another parcel to the shipment and merge the shipment's existing weight with the incoming weight of the package. 

Once the final package for the shipment has been sent to Shiptheory, the shipment is sent to the carrier and all the shipping labels are returned to Peoplevox along with a single tracking number.

To enable, first go to your Peoplevox integration settings page:

Scroll down and click on Advanced Settings. Go to "Enable Multipart Consignments" and select "Yes, enable multpart consignments". 

By enabling this setting, Shiptheory will set the number of Parcels to the number of package received. Shiptheory will stop looking for parcel count information from the delivery instructions as documented here.